Recommendation for the development of multinational personnel selection system

And its ratio with corruption and organized crimes. She could barely hold back her tears as she marched out of the conference room. The roles and individual instructions will only be available in English in order to standardize the exercises cross-nationally.

With regard to the new staff selection system, he has two opposing goals in mind: Each country has its own unique economic and education situations. When I attended an international conference in Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to meet an internationally-known scientist.

Koch believed that Asians set a high value on lunch breaks because they highly value food and money. Due to the lengthy meeting, there was no lunch break.

development of a multinational personnel selection system Case Solution & Answer

The conferences will be attended by the candidate and two members of our team: Prior to the group discussions, the role players will receive specific instructions containing standardized roles. He knew that personnel selection procedures currently varied significantly between countries. You should expect a final copy of the resolutions on the multinational selection system to be available by Friday at 9 a.

What was the outcome? He jumped up abruptly from his desk and left for the conference room. The personnel selection system in APAC, as a whole, would have large-scale consequences affecting the entire company. Specifically, a panel interview, a biography-oriented in-depth interview, a simulated group exercise, and testing procedures.

This would be the first measure to decently come up with system for transnational hiring. Piles of paper were accumulating in his office as a result, and even special storage rooms were needed to store the paper masses. Furthermore, when the ComInTec is planning to put an employee to work in a foreign location, the company should provide cross-cultural preparation.

As you know, all candidates receive feedback in writing regarding their overall impression. Like me, the professor considers it essential to use standardized testing procedures. Firstly, the introduction is written.Apr 17,  · Peter Koenig and Thomas Koch of ComInTec AG & Co.

discuss the challenges they face in implementing a multinational personnel selection system. Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System Summary of the Case Study Mr Koch works as an expatriate in Hong Kong for ComInTec AG & Co.

He was working for the company in the HR department for 17 years and since three years he is the HR director.

As positions evolve in your organizations, so should the selection processes. And, given the criticality of selection processes, it’s important to look for process improvements on-going. Remember, your people are your organization.

Investing in your selection processes is one of the best investments your organization can make. Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System The company strive to establish a new regional management level in Asia.


A new personnel selection system had to be developed internally. In further consequence 25 middle management positions were expected to be filled the region.

Development of Multinational Personnel Selection

For the recruiting process the company hired own. Case Title: DEVELOPMENT OF A MULTINATIONAL PERSONNEL SELECTION SYSTEM. This purpose of this paper is to give analysis and recommendation on the case that will focus mainly on the modules for the proposed new selection process.

A selection device that has a demonstrated link with future job performance The Current "Agreed" Personnel System ComInTec proposed development of a multinational personnel selection system with two tiers/recruitment stages: Pro’s of the Development for the Multinational Personnel Selection System: Has diverse representation (German .

Recommendation for the development of multinational personnel selection system
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